March is the month of International Women’s Day and this global, international event honours the contributions and achievements of women around the world. This is a recognition that should not be conferred only once a year but an awareness that runs through our daily lives.

The sacrifices, strengths and steadfastness demonstrated by the women around us never fail to inspire. And this month, we shine the spotlight on them.

In the fast-paced and dynamic marketing and public relations industry where agility, versatility and astuteness are demanded at every moment, our lady bosses, working mums and women warriors are constantly pursuing excellence. Despite work life bleeding into private lives with work-from-home arrangements, the demands of child-rearing and a million things vying for attention at once, they remain pillars of strength that uplift and steer the company in the right direction.

Affluence Public Relations is a big advocate for having women in management and giving them a stake in leadership. Boosting women leaders is part of the company’s practice and giving them opportunities to rise in the industry is an everyday occurrence. With a strong support network where women support women, the whole team moves forward seamlessly.  

With International Women’s Day this month and Mother’s Day coming up in May, we give you 3 ideas to show appreciation for the women in your life. Whether they are your bosses, female colleagues, mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins or your partner, these gift ideas will certainly make them feel special!

1. Send Her Flowers Using the Speediest Gifting Platform

Does she deserve your appreciation IMMEDIATELY? It’s possible with Ferns N Petals’ Same Day Delivery, 1-Hour Delivery, Midnight Delivery, Morning Delivery and Fixed Time Delivery that ensures that your thoughts and well-wishes are communicated anytime.

Corporate clients are afforded an even higher level of service, with a dedicated customer service officer just a phone call away to help with corporate gifting initiatives. The customer service officer will carefully consider the requirements given and come up with proposals after which the chosen items will be dispatched.

Choose from an ample array of thoughtful presents and personalised gifts to express your appreciation to the women in your life at and read more about Ferns N Petals’ here.

2. Treat Her to Delicious and Guilt-Free Taiwanese Fruit Tea with Hot and Cold Options

Office ladies, working mums and stay-home-mums can be a busy bunch. A delicious pick-me-up during the day would be welcome treat and Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea offers just that. The brand is even inspired by a female figure.

The story of Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea began in the kitchen. Married to a young farmer who toiled in the pineapple plantation to earn a livelihood, the founder’s grandmother, Yifang, decided to make him a refreshing pineapple drink using overripe pineapples which she braised into homemade jam. More than three generations later, her legacy lives on in more than 1,500 outlets in countries such as the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai and the South East Asian region.

Fresh fruits are made into jam with no artificial flavourings or concentrated juice added, preserving their natural taste without any additives.  For that added touch of sweetness, golden crystals of natural cane sugar are infused into the mix for a pleasant aftertaste that is not cloying like sucrose and fructose.

The Yifang Fruit Tea is a cup of premium mountain tea mixed with delicious pineapple jam, tangy passionfruit, and zesty lemon, apple and orange slices. For time-strapped office workers hungry for a filling guzzle instead of a post-lunch quencher, the lavender-hued Taro Latte with its freshly-mashed taro paired with fresh milk is a satisfying beverage. Drinks such as Ginger Lemon Tea, Longan & Jujube Tea and Pearl Ginger Black Tea Latte are served warm and are certainly Ah Ma-approved!

Drop by Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea outlets at Shell Sengkang, Shell Bukit Batok Nature Park or Canberra Plaza to pick up drinks in the heartlands, or sip on fruit tea in town when you head to Change Alley Mall or Orchard Central. Follow them at and for latest drink promotions!

3. Go Beyond For Her With Stylish Wireless Earbuds

Complement her style and beauty with Planet Beyond’s latest range of sophisticated, wearable technology.

Planet Beyond’s expansion into Asia introduces its unique concept to the market with the PBX01 Earphone and the PB02 Powerpack, both of which are sophisticated devices of the highest quality and performance.

Additionally, its aesthetic styling has been purposefully crafted to exude elegance and refinement. A wide array of decorative attachments for the earbuds (SGD108) can be added for an additional personal flair. These come in 4 whimsical designs of shooting stars, constellation, leaves and supernova, made to stand out in either gold, silver or rose. Taking inspiration from nature and the cosmos, delicate embellishments in the shape of constellations and leaves can be chosen from a range of designs.

These enhancements can then be paired with the PBX01 earphone as a statement of individuality and personal style. The delicate Leaves Décor folds across the ridge of the ear and extends from the PBX01 in an unabashed testament to conservation; like a cascade of autumn leaves unfurled upon a golden branch. The Supernova Décor is festive and exuberant, dazzling with the radiance of a thousand suns, leaving a lasting impression in its wake. Staying the course with its concept of cosmic proportions, the Shooting Star Décor takes on a decidedly quixotical twist. It is a playful design that is dynamic and evokes the wonder and awe of the celestial spectacle. Completing the collection, the Constellation Décor takes its muse from the multitude of lights that adorn the night sky. Just as the twinkling stars are cast across the heavens and into the depths of twilight, this piece emblazons the PBX01 in the majesty of the constellations.

 Enter another world when you find out more about Planet Beyond.

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