Influencer Marketing

Engage the right influencers for ROI results that are faster, Measurable and long-lasting

Instagram Reviews. Social Media Posts. Blog Reviews. Influencer Hostings.

Reach your target audience directly through multiple social platforms.

Everyone’s an influencer these days. But key trusted figures with a loyal base of followers in a niche community – these are the people who will bring business to your brand.

Compared to traditional digital marketing channels, influencer marketing drives ROI by tenfold (or more). As a company with over 8 years of experience in marketing and PR, we have seen how incorporating influencer marketing into a cohesive PR campaign will lead to a spike in brand awareness and sales – quickly and organically.

Influencers are media. But they spread the word directly to their loyal followers, leading to targeted and focused marketing unlike any other.

By engaging an influencer to be associated with your brand, you are investing in low-cost, high-value marketing that is guaranteed to boost your overall online reputation and acquire new customers.

Here at Affluence PR, we have built strong ties with a whole database of influencers that we work closely with.

From famous foodies to beauty gurus, fitness enthusiasts to parenting bloggers, there’s a host of influencers out there for you to reach the target audience you need, on the platform you want.


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