Founded in 2018, Planet Beyond was established by 4 MIT and Harvard entrepreneurs with a common goal of creating a better world, starting with better products – better performance, better aesthetics and better for the environment. Between the strong foundations in science and sensibility; traits inherent in an architect, an engineer, a mathematician and computer programmer that the founding quartet comprises, the notion to meld high tech with high fashion was conceived. Having brought this ground breaking idea to market with an initial launch in the USA and finding success, the company is aiming for the stars and beyond by expanding into the Asian arena, starting with tech-savvy Singapore as its next proving ground.

Its collection of wireless earbuds and power banks are unlike any others in the market and marks a watershed moment in the evolution of wearable technology. Having been created by engineers, honed by scientists and refined by artisans, its products have been inspired by the company goals of style, science and sustainability.

Planet Beyond’s expansion into Asia introduces its unique concept to the market with the PBX01 Earphone and the PB02 Powerpack, both of which are sophisticated devices of the highest quality and performance. Additionally, its aesthetic styling has been purposefully crafted to exude elegance and refinement. A wide array of decorative attachments for the earbuds
(SGD108) can be added for an additional personal flair. These come in 4 whimsical designs of shooting stars, constellation, leaves and supernova, made to stand out in either gold, silver or rose. Taking inspiration from nature and the cosmos, delicate embellishments in the shape of constellations and leaves can be chosen from a range of designs.

These enhancements can then be paired with the PBX01 earphone as a statement of individuality and personal style. The delicate Leaves Décor folds across the ridge of the ear and extends from the PBX01 in an unabashed testament to conservation; like a cascade of autumn leaves unfurled upon a golden branch. The Supernova Décor is festive and exuberant, dazzling with the radiance of a thousand suns, leaving a lasting impression in its wake. Staying the course with its concept of cosmic proportions, the Shooting Star Décor takes on a decidedly quixotical twist. It is a playful design that is dynamic and evokes the wonder and awe of the celestial spectacle. Completing the collection, the Constellation Décor takes its muse from the multitude of lights that adorn the night sky. Just as the twinkling stars are cast across the heavens and into the depths of twilight, this piece emblazons the PBX01 in the majesty of the constellations.

Away from the nebulous abstractions of inspiration, Planet Beyond pursues a dedication tosustainability that has been of paramount concern during the manufacturing process. Careful consideration has been made to source the best upcycled metals to minimise environmental impact while delivering the highest quality product.

The PBX01 Earphones (SGD188) are an elegant pair of true wireless, noise cancelling earbuds that weigh a mere 101 grams and are water resistant with a rating of IPX5. It operates on a Bluetooth® 5.0 standard and each charge are capable of providing listeners with 5 hours of continuous playback or 160 hours of standby time. As the masterwork of the company, devotion to function and technical performance was equalled only by artistic flourish. The PBX01 compares favourably to the major competitors but stands alone in its class as a beauty with a technological beast inside.

Statement pieces in every sense of the word, these unique in-ear wireless earbuds, designed with precision engineering using the highest grade materials, boasts wearability and comfort. The aesthetic appeal and attention to details make these highly coveted devices not only functional, but also chic and trendy.

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