Every product needs awareness in order to get customers

Customers are all around, but before they buy from you, they need to be EDUCATED.

And who better to educate your consumer than by using the newspapers, radio, TV and magazines?

The art of public relations does just this.

Where your story is shared with the media…
Who like your story enough to …
Reshare them in their blogs, websites, and newspapers.

Let the media educate your consumers for you, and one-third of your marketing work will be done.

You just have to focus on connecting with your customer and converting them.

Affluence PR has been in the business for 15 years, helping brands share their story through all types of media.

  • 800 press releases written
  • 380 media events conducted
  • 12,000 media reviews and articles generated
  • $350,800,000 worth of advertising/publicity generated over 15 years

It’s time to share your story.

Connect with Affluence PR today here, and start learning how.

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