Some things can be avoided. Like spoiling Game of Thrones for your friends. Or Avengers: Endgame. (Yep, some of us still haven’t gotten our tickets!) So can certain things in Public Relations. And these MUST be avoided at all costs if you want to generate the most media awareness for your business.

1. Last-Minute Press Invitations
The press does not sit around their office waiting for your press releases and pitches to drop! Journalists and editors work around sensitive deadlines and a tight publishing schedule, with an inbox that is always pinging. So, consider the lead times for newspapers, magazines and online media (could differ from months to a day) and give yourself, and the media, a head start.

2. Not Doing Your Research
Pitching to the wrong target group? Pushing out incorrect facts, errors and omissions that you have to later retract? Disseminating a less-than-ideal press release with poor language just because you didn’t proofread? Your press release should be a goldmine of accurate information and you should be the person who knows your brand best.

3. What’s the Story?
Or more specifically, where is the story? Are you announcing something newsworthy and worth taking up? Think about how it benefits people. To pitch an even more solid angle, add context and tie your news to something that is currently happening in the world.

4. Not Personalising Your Pitch
Are you more likely to open an email from

Personalising your brand when sending out company newsletters guarantees an increase in click-through rate since it is coming from an actual human in the company, instead of a bot from …? Similarly, sending out a mass pitch greatly reduces the chances of your story getting picked up. Customise angles for each media outlet and let them know why you’re reaching out to them specifically. Lastly, as The Weeknd says, “Call Out My Name” – mention their name and not a generic one like “Dear Editor”!

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