Being a PR Company in Singapore

In PR, “no two days are the same” is almost an understatement. In a single day, we are inundated with a different million tasks to handle – from problem-solving and crisis management to providing the best service for our clients and ensuring the smooth execution of events. Our day is an action-packed whirlwind of activities for the most part. But this is why we love PR and love doing what we do!


“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations” – Bill Gates


Here are 9 reasons why we are thankful to be in the PR industry:

1.Making a difference in the world 

  • Our actions and work have a real-world impact.

2.The wonderful products and ideas our clients have

  • We are inspired by the inspired, and love hearing our clients talk about their products and ideas with a passion almost on par with a mother’s fierce love for her children.

3.Being an advocate for our clients

  • The stories we help share so that the world gets to benefit from these products.

4.Continual growth and learning 

  • Having an appetite of a media-junkie, with a pulse on anything and everything that is social or trending.
  • Being hungry enough to learn all the tools and platforms available to help us do our work better.


  • The opportunity to be creative every single day, and come up with ideas that stand out from the crowd.

6.Developing grit and tenacity 

  • Dealing with rejection, looming deadlines and overcoming obstacles are just part of the job scope.

7.Broadening of skill set 

  • Whether it is writing, pitching, researching, or strategising, we often wear multiple hats that we have to constantly change out of.

8.Working in a team 

  • Communicating with our colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and media towards a common goal is challenging, but oh-so-rewarding.

9.The relationships we build 

  • We are in the profession of building and maintaining relationships and that comes with devoting our time, passion and skills to our craft. The more we give, the more we receive.

At Affluence PR, we forge deep relationships with our clients.  As a local brand, and an SME ourselves, we are keenly aware of the challenges that our clients face (90% of whom are SMEs) and work hand in hand with them to better their brand awareness.  They grow, we grow!  It is this love for our clients that have enable us to continue doing what we love for 11 years.  Speak with us today to see how we may work with you and make 2019 a better year for your business, PR-wise!

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