Newsworthy vs. Not Newsworthy: How to Determine What's Press Release Worthy

In the ever-evolving landscape of media and communication, the press release remains a powerful tool for organisations to disseminate information and garner attention. However, not everything merits a press release, and understanding the distinction between what’s newsworthy and what’s not is crucial for maximising its effectiveness. In this article, we delve into the criteria that determine whether something is press release worthy or not.

Understanding Newsworthiness

Newsworthiness is subjective, but certain factors can help gauge whether a piece of information is likely to capture the interest of journalists and their audiences. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Significance: Is the information significant or impactful? Press releases should focus on developments that have tangible consequences or relevance to a broad audience. A new product launch, major partnership, significant milestone, or groundbreaking research findings are examples of significant events.
  2. Timeliness: Timeliness is critical in news reporting. Events that are current or trending are more likely to attract attention. For example, tying a press release to a relevant holiday, awareness month, or breaking news story can increase its newsworthiness.
  3. Relevance: Consider the target audience of the press release and whether the information is relevant to them. A story that resonates with the interests, concerns, or needs of the audience is more likely to be considered newsworthy.
  4. Human Interest: Stories with a human element often have greater newsworthiness. Personal anecdotes, emotional narratives, or stories that highlight human experiences can make the information more compelling and relatable.
  5. Conflict or Controversy: While not essential, conflict or controversy can make a story more newsworthy. However, caution must be exercised to ensure the integrity and credibility of the information presented.

Determining Press Release Worthy Content

Now that we understand the factors that contribute to newsworthiness, let’s explore how to apply these principles when deciding whether something warrants a press release:

  1. Relevance to Business Objectives: Press releases should align with the strategic objectives and messaging of the organisation. Consider whether the information supports broader goals such as brand awareness, thought leadership, or driving sales.
  2. Potential Impact: Assess the potential impact of the announcement on stakeholders, customers, or the industry as a whole. Will it generate interest, spark conversation, or influence behaviour?
  3. Uniqueness: Is the information unique or does it offer a fresh perspective on a familiar topic? Press releases should offer something new or different to capture attention amidst the noise of competing messages.
  4. Media Appeal: Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist or editor. Ask whether the information would be of interest to their audience and whether it has the potential to generate media coverage.
  5. Supporting Assets: Consider whether you have supporting assets such as visuals, quotes, or data that can enhance the story and make it more appealing to journalists.

Examples of Newsworthy vs. Not Newsworthy Content

To illustrate the difference between newsworthy and not newsworthy content, consider the following examples:


  • Announcement of a groundbreaking scientific discovery
  • Launch of a new product with innovative features
  • Partnership between two industry leaders to address a pressing issue
  • Release of a comprehensive research report with significant findings
  • Company expansion into new markets or territories

Not Newsworthy:

  • Routine personnel changes within the organisation
  • Internal promotions or minor updates to existing products/services
  • Routine maintenance or operational changes with no significant impact
  • Events or milestones that lack broader relevance or significance
  • Self-promotional content without value to the audience


Determining what’s press release worthy requires a nuanced understanding of newsworthiness and careful consideration of various factors. By focusing on significance, timeliness, relevance, human interest, and other criteria, organisations can effectively evaluate whether a piece of information merits a press release. By adhering to these principles, organisations can maximise the impact of their press releases and effectively engage with their target audience and the media. Contact Affluence PR today for expert press release seeding.

Newsworthy vs. Not Newsworthy: How to Determine What’s Press Release Worthy
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