Celebrate Chinese New Year 2021 with a “bang” at Peach Garden with new menu items such as the “Heng Heng” Million Dollar Yu Sheng, featuring a crispy cracker dome which is smashed open to reveal a bed of premium Yu Sheng ingredients, topped off with an auspicious surprise! It is one of the new dishes introduced to Peach Garden’s Lunar New Year Special Menu this year, together with premium Pen Cai dishes and traditional festive goodies. Orders can be made in-store and online from 5 January to 26 February 2021.

For those who can never get enough of the crispy golden crackers in their Yu Sheng, Peach Garden’s latest addition to its premium Yu Sheng menu guarantees that there will be enough golden crackers, or “wealth”, to go around.

“Heng Heng” Million Dollar Yu Sheng (百万捞生) is a golden dome encasing a bed of Yu Sheng ingredients that include premium toppings such as Lobster, Baby Abalone, Wagyu Beef and Salmon. Smash the dome open with a mini hammer and the cracker shatters to reveal the colourful array of fresh ingredients as well as big sweep tickets for a chance to get lucky in the new year.

Only available for dine-in, this Yu Sheng centrepiece comes in two sizes: Small ($168++, which serves four pax) and Large ($268++, which serves eight pax). There is a non-beef alternative with Australian scallops in place of Wagyu Beef.

For a classic lo hei experience, choose from best sellers such as the Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (烟熏三文鱼捞生)and Golden Abalone Yu Sheng (金鲍仔捞生).

Peach Garden spices up the traditional Pen Cai with the introduction of the Peach Garden Premium Mala Seafood Pen Cai (麻辣海鲜盆菜), which serves six. Dig into the pot of luxurious ingredients (Lobster, Red Grouper, Sea Cucumber, Australian Scallop, Live Prawn, Fish Maw, Tien Shin Cabbage, Gluten Puff, Radish, King Oyster Mushroom) which are infused with an in-house mala spice and layered upon one another for a medley of flavours.

The new Peach Garden Premium Seafood Pen Cai with Shark’s Bone Cartilage Broth (鲨鱼骨海鲜盆菜) is also available along with Peach Garden’s signature Golden Premium Traditional Pen Cai (传统金装盆菜), Deluxe Pen Cai (豪华盆菜) and Vegetarian Pen Cai(斋盆菜).

Renowned for its authentic Cantonese-style cuisine and impeccable quality of Chinese cooking, Peach Garden is especially known for the quality of its Yu Sheng and Pen Cai dishes. They are made using only the finest ingredients which are carefully selected and handled with finesse, experience and craftsmanship by the team of master chefs.

Complete every CNY meal with premium handcrafted festive goodies which includes a new range of homemade pudding – Bird’s Nest Water Chestnut Pudding, Nutritious Pineapple Pudding, Golden Koi Bird’s Nest Water Chestnut Pudding, and Golden Koi Nutritious Pineapple Pudding. For the pineapple versions, real fruits and pineapple pulp fill every bite, making
the pudding a refreshing, nutritious, yet not-toosweet dessert.

In a coming together of family and friends this festive season, choose from Peach Garden’s two signature Prosperity Treasures Packages or the Fortune Treasures Set for an abundant array of dishes that serve eight to ten persons.

All Peach Garden restaurants are open throughout Lunar New Year, including the first and second day of Lunar New Year (12 and 13 Feb). Reservations can be made online at www.peachgarden.com.sg/reservations. Shop online at Peach Garden’s E-Shop with free delivery with a minimum spend of $80. Online orders have to be placed at least one day in advance. For local delivery or collection between 11-14 February 2021, orders must be placed by 9 February. Shop now at www.peachgardeneshop.com.

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