Half Bake Marketing

Content strategy is a pertinent part of any marketing company. After all, it helps keep your website and company high up in the search engines, boost how your brand is viewed, generate leads, and bring in sales. Ineffective content strategy, therefore, can be a problem, especially if you are trying to develop a consistent brand identity for visitors. Good content strategy gives overall exposure, a better user experience for visitors, and provide opportunities for people to interact with your brand. However, a plan that doesn’t follow through can result in losses for any business owner.

Examples of half-baked strategies can look like this:

  • Inconsistent upload schedule on social media
  • No proper marketing plan to follow-up once a campaign is over
  • No call to action at the end of social media postings
  • No email database to keep in touch with customers

Things like these can seem miniscule, but they’re the basics of content marketing you need to take note of. The result of not paying attention to these strategies? Monetary loss. And that will happen even if you haven’t spent any money on these strategies.

Your website should perform as good as it looks
Good website design attracts people to click on your site so that you can garner clicks and eyeballs on your site. However not all web-designers understand the concept of good design and not all business owners and entrepreneurs have a good idea on what they want beyond having a good, pretty site. A good website needs to not only look good, but also perform well: How fast does the page load? How does the design meet business objectives? How does the website perform? Who engages and how much sales and revenue are incurred? Asking these questions will help you build and maintain a website that improves your brand.

What About Your Upload Schedule?
Consistency is key, and so you can’t just rest on your laurels when you finish an advertising campaign online. A good upload schedule with frequency feeds eyeballs, and feeds people’s timelines. Publishing velocity is  also pertinent. When you finish one campaign, and you do not plan ahead for what happens next, the amount of effort, time and work made for the previous campaign goes to waste, even if the campaign was made with high-quality, impactful posts. It is a waste of your marketing budget to not follow up your advertising campaigns with consistent postings on your online pages.

Stop! Do You Have a Way to Connect with Your Audience?
A call to action is important because you are reaching out to your customers and building the relationship. As a company, you’re providing a service to your customers, and any opportunity to showcase your services to your customers is an opportunity well-spent. Spending your marketing budget on social media posts and not following that up with a call to action is an opportunity wasted. Do these sound familiar to you? If you’re looking for ways to get your marketing dollars’ worth, get in touch with our team to discuss strategies to promote your business.

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