A good PR strategy capitalizes on events with the potential to connect with the mass audience. The National Day we celebrate in Singapore is just one of those opportunities. Companies and brands that make a solid PR strategy around such important events always reap its benefits. Here are some fresh PR ideas for Singapore National Day 2018.

  1. Anything you do, make sure it’s part of a wider PR campaign. It’s never a good strategy to shoot for one day of the year and lose in the remaining 364 days.
  2. Consider choosing relevant spokespeople. People who are associated with the kind of products you make or services you offer work better than random spokespersons. Example: Lingerie range BeauBlue asked Jordan to act as a spokesperson for its National Foreplay Day.
  3. Make it Authentic. Your brand cannot earn much brownie points from the end users unless it gives off a true sense of authenticity. New Covent Garden’s Chinese New Year Soup is a good case in point. It didn’t just carry Chinese branding but was genuinely recognized by the consumers as a perfect Chinese recipe. 
  4. Visual Appeal is importantIf the way your employees dress up for the National Day stands out, it’ll have an impact. Just like Murphy’s did by having ten people (dressed in Murphy’s branded ‘pint’ suits) mingle with crowds at the St Patrick’s Day parade in London.
  5. Know your audience well. Sometimes it’s the symbolic value of an activity you perform that leaves a real mark on the consumers. For example, the Chinese have a tradition to offer red ‘good luck’ envelopes on the Chinese New Year. And BT, understanding that, tapped into the tradition by giving out envelopes on the streets that contained enough money for a free minute call.
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