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Affluence Public Relations Moves to Raffles Place!

By January 28, 2019 No Comments
Affluence Public Relations Moves to Raffles Place!, Affluence Public Relations Blog Post

When your line involves being in a close working relationship with your client, being close, literally, would be a welcome change!

We had been toying with the idea of moving and everything fell into place last December. We found a space in the revamped PLUS Building (formerly Equity Plaza) right in the heart of Singapore’s central business district – the location was ideal, the timing was right and we were all ready for the big move.

Contractors hard at work over the festive period

Starting on a blank page

Leaving our mark on the wall

Marie Kondo would not approve

And we’ve finally settled down in our new home!

A big thank you to all our team members who helped with the preparation, planning and packing! It wasn’t easy but due to our collaborative team effort, we managed to make the move in a matter of a few short days.

With the new office, it allows us to design a space around employee experience – improving workflow, forming stronger connections with the community and increasing accessibility in all aspects. We did not design with just our staff in mind, but our clients too! The open-floor plan spanning a new workshop area allows for client visits and space to hold workshops and business functions.