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Why Christmas is Great for PR!

By November 2, 2017 No Comments
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It is the Christmas and New Year period, and you may be preparing for your business to wind down for the festive season. After all, most businesses do so in anticipation of the end of the year, right? People commonly assume that the festive season is when many offices close and the economy slows down, and for good reason! Parties and merry-making is on the topmost of most people’s minds, not planning for the new work year and the challenges it brings.


What if we told you that Christmas is precisely when you should ramp up your PR efforts for your business? Between everyone else taking a break and the emotionally-charged nature of the season, here is why you should be charging ahead with your PR campaign this year end and come out ahead of the pack! There is plenty of reason why you should do so and we’ll tell you why.

Position your business as a thought-leader in your industry!
Christmas is a wonderful time to put your business and brand out there. The season lends itself to creative ways to come up with such content. Also, the media is in the mood to pick up stories that aren’t necessarily hard news. Stories that reflect the introspective sentiment of the end of the year work wonderfully with the emotional climate of the season!

Come up with lists of the Best of your industry in the year that has just passed, or provide expert Christmas or New Year related tips congruent to your business that would benefit your customers. Up the ante and package these nicely with a festive greeting and complimentary gift to your media contacts to maximise your PR mileage.

As with all things, timing is key, so do send these out early enough so that journalists can include your story or tips in any special festive supplements or editions they have planned.

The news does not go on holiday
While many journalists do go on holiday, the news itself does not. This means that those journalists who are sticking around for the holiday season still need content for their media outlets. Christmas may be the opportune time to get ahead of your competitors because you can really leverage the quiet of everyone else’s holiday mood!

Also, think about it: if everyone else is on holiday, they’d still be wanting to read the news even if they do not work. So keep pitching those stories and don’t shift your PR down a gear just cos the rest of the country has Christmas on the mind!

Strike up new relationships and strengthen old ones
With the journalists who usually cover your stories away on their breaks, they’ll usually leave automated Out-of-Office emails with an alternative contact. This is a great way to build your media contact list! Reach out to these new journalists during this time to get acquainted with them, and keep them on your list even after the festive season.

Take this time to also send out greetings and small complimentary gifts of the season to existing contacts to keep your business visible to your journalist contacts. If you are releasing a seasonal product, give your contacts exclusive first dibs and unique discount codes only for the publication’s readers. Christmas is really a great opportunity to strengthen existing relationships given the sentimentality and goodwill of the season!