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10 Essential Skills That You Should Have to Keep Up with PR in a Digital World

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Public Relations in Digital world - AffluencePR blog post

A lot has changed in the PR industry in the last decade—particularly because of how significantly the Internet has transformed this business. But make no mistake, PR is by no means obsolete. Digital tools and platforms may have made exposure and publicity more affordable and accessible—but it still takes skill, expertise and experience to make sure that these actually have an effect on your brand’s bottomline.

Through the years, we’ve picked up some essential tools of the trade that has allowed Affluence PR to effectively get our point across and make a difference for our clients business amid the clutter of the Internet—thanks to our understanding that traditional PR and online initiatives are complementary. It’s really just a matter of honing our expertise to accommodate this changing landscape.

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…Or you can read on and learn about the 10 essential skills that we’ve learned every PR pro should have to stay competitive in this digital world—

  1. Content is still king—so copywriting skills are a must.

In traditional PR, communicating effectively is an essential skill. Press releases are part and parcel of how we inform and educate consumers about a particular product or service. This holds even more true in the digital age. Because today, it’s not just about drafting press releases, it’s also about crafting blog posts that you want people to read, posting Facebook updates that will pique consumer interest, tweets that will engage your followers etc.

  1. Video and audio production

Does the idea of editing audio and video seem daunting? We understand if it used to be. But if you noticed, there is a LOT of audio and video editing apps today that simplifies the process—enough that even the biggest newbie can easily tap their way to create a 30 second Instagram upload of their latest event and give consumers a glimpse of what new and exciting things their product offers. Learn it and make the most out of it—it will go a long way.

  1. Openess to learn new media and tools

That said, a certain level of openness to learn about what available tools can be utilized for additional exposure and publicity are essential to the trade. This shouldn’t be an issue for Millennials—today’s digital natives who were practically born with a Facebook profile and Snapchat account. But for older generations, do not underestimate what learning about these social media platforms can do for you brand. Not only does it help add a layer of direct engagement to your consumers, it also helps you stay competitive in the business.

  1. Learn the language of social media

The ability to write for social media platforms or any digital platform for that matter, is key. Online offers support for traditional, on-ground efforts—but note that attention spans are also shorter on the Internet and competition is tougher. This almost makes writing for social media a completely different ballgame. Do you know how tagging can work seamlessly with written content? Can you repurpose evergreen content to make it work harder for your brand? Is your post searchable and search engine optimized? These are just some of key things to consider and learn.

  1. Understanding traditional and digital analytics

Once upon a time, business analytics were only accessible to large, blue-chip companies who could afford to track data and insights driven by their online campaigns. These days, between Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and other similar tools offered by the numerous digital platforms, it’s easy enough to gather data that illustrates how your brand is doing—thus allowing you to tweak strategies so that it can better work with your traditional PR efforts.

  1. Translating these insights for clients

While analytics data are readily available, know that clients may not necessarily understand what all these charts and graphs mean; which means an essential and highly useful skill for PR practioners today would be to learn how to translate all this data into something clients can understand.

  1. Recognizing and building relationships with influencers

On top of traditional influencers, you have to recognize that a volume of personalities are emerging via digital efforts as well. Celebrity is not the sole territory of TV, print and radio anymore. These days, you’ll have Instagram personalities with millions of followers, YouTube celebrities whose face is just as popular as the hottest movie star, Twitter stars whose opinion is just as popular as the paper’s most respected op-ed writer. Know them, reach out and start building relationships with them.

  1. Communicating both externally and internally

PR is no longer the territory of just public audiences anymore. Which means the ability to engage an internal audience is just as important as reaching out to external ones. This means creating campaigns and communications for employees based on what motivates them.

  1. Being prepared for any crisis

An obvious perk to social media? When done right, it almost guarantees massive publicity. That’s great when the news is good. But what if it’s bad? A complaint or an irate customer taking their rants to Facebook or Twitter could spell disaster for your brand in a matter of minutes. So it would be best to learn how you can mitigate such scenarios so that it doesn’t escalate.

  1. Creating a distinct personality online and off

Is it hard to create a distinct visual style, tone and personality through traditional PR? Definitely. It’s even harder to do so when you’re trying to compete with all the clutter and noise on the Internet. PR plays a huge role here—from streamlining a brand’s visual elements, to keeping a consistent tone, to ensuring that every copy, every ad, every press release, blog post, or social media update stays true to its identity.

Are these skills that you can confidently say you have? If not, get in touch with us today. Affluence PR’s years in the industry means we have the capability to make sure that your brand stays relevant in this ever-changing business landscape.

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