The Affluence PR team has years of experience in the marcom industry, a special passion for and insight into the retail and restaurant trade. Through our varied exposure and experience in this industry, we aim to bring greater value to your establishment.

Thanks so much for the amazing work all of you have done for us. The events were very successful, the support given on the event day was amazing and everyone was very happy. We look forward to working together again in the future.

Hilda Razali

Communications Manager
Global Marketing
Royal Selangor International

Thank you for journeying with Gateway Entertainment and Gateway Theatre for the past 2 years. We are truly grateful for the support that were rendered to us during the period.Working with Maria, Gian, Melissa to Say Hua was a breeze. The team worked hard and delivered beyond what was expected to ensured that all our events went well. Despite some challenges , they constantly maintained a positive response to keep their clients assured that they know what they are doing.It was truly a smooth experience working with Affluence PR and we will definitely return as a client.Thank you and a smooth 2019 to you and all at Affluence!

Patsy Lee

Operations Manager
Gateway Entertainment

We enjoy working with the Affluence PR team. They are committed and creative, often giving us new ideas and insights into marketing for the brand. We have definitely seen an increase in consumer awareness since we started doing our PR with them.

Alvin Lye

Managing Director
Azimuth Watch Company

The Affluence PR team is full of ideas that help us reach out to a wider segment of consumers. As we run a lean team in RISIS, the good help we have from the extra arms and legs at Affluence PR are a welcome relief and we can do more for the brand, and more for our consumers.

Geraldine Lim


Working with Angela and her team was a breeze. It was first restaurant and we had no idea how to start promoting it. Angela met us in the hours of the morning to set everything straight and ensure that we had a good media launch. The team also delivered beyond their contractual obligations to ensure that we would have a smooth time.

Picasso Tan


The team at Affluence PR understood how we wanted the place to be positioned and designed a logo that we liked the first time we saw it. Affluence has worked on a number of new target groups for us and their idea for Pizza Rocks was really successful in helping us draw the crowd on quiet Monday evenings.

Serena Lim


Affluence PR’s team handled the press conference professionally and they also helped us with additional marketing and sales ideas to sustain the brand awareness. We enjoyed working with the team very much.

Joy Tan


It is a pleasure working with the PR team in ROI Strategy. They are creative, resourceful and dedicated. The team helps us to align our PR objectives with our marketing direction … and most importantly, give us fresh insights on how to enhance our brand and extend the reach to new market segments. I trust them to do a good job all the time!

Mr G Gobinathan


Very organised, extremely attentive to details, time and goal-oriented and at the same time you are real fun to be around… Each and every member of your team deserves praise all their own for excelling at what they do… You were a ‘dream team’.

Ekaterina Wolters