• Design Innovations for the Modern Kitchen - Insights from Designers and Chefs
    March 17, 2018
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


34/35 Duxton Road, 089499, Singapore

sdw topos cosentino


Cosentino is pleased to present a panel of experts who will discuss the evolution of the modern kitchen into a multi-functional space – from an interdisciplinary perspective. Design is at the heart of the kitchen’s transversal transformation into the kitchen of the future; impacting aspects from materials used, to the technology that has been incorporated in the kitchen.  

The future kitchen will be designed with emphasis placed on the energy-efficiency, flexibility and sustainability of the materials used, without compromising their durability, safety and hygiene. With this, worktops will be multi-functional and it will even be possible to cook directly on special surfaces without the need for a specific panel or appliance.  

Come join our panel of experts to learn about how design will help the kitchen become the multi-functional nerve centre of the home. The panel will comprise Mr Alan Fan, Principal Designer and Director of award-winning design firm TOPOS Design Associates; Mr Jose Alonso, Executive Chef at Spanish restaurant Binomio, who has honed his skills working with many celebrity chefs in the last 10 years; and Mr Ivan Capelo, Cosentino’s Technical Manager in Asia with a deep knowledge of the stone industry and interior design.    

Refreshments will be provided.