Happy International “WomENCE” Day!

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Today’s International Women’s Day, or “womENCE”, as we like to call it at Affluence PR!

Over our 12 years in business, we have seen so many women enter, take charge and rise up the ranks to become influential leaders who have shaped Affluence PR into what it is today. We are staffed with a good number of women marketers and public relations specialists, most of whom are in leadership positions. With no intention to stereotype, we notice that women bring with them a certain meticulousness, attention to detail, ability to multitask, nurturing nature and innate ability to mediate and sooth ruffled feathers – all key qualities for anyone at the workplace, especially in a public relations agency.

It’s not everyday that the power, strength and grace of all women are celebrated, so use this special day to show your appreciation to your female customers and women in your life!

How are some marketing and PR ideas for International Women’s Day 2020!

  1. Treat the ladies to special deals and discounts

We all love a good bargain!

Promote special deals on your social media channels and put a time period to encourage more participation. To leverage on user-generated content, get your audience to submit content or share snippets on their own channels while tagging the women they are showing appreciation to. Make it a contest or reward everyone with a small gift to spread the love and the virality!

  1. Women, only

Depending on your brand and its suitability, consider running on women-only promotional campaign as a gesture of appreciation for your female customers! To make it more targeted, filter only the female demographic in your social media campaign, or email database, so that your target audience will receive your message and feel acknowledged and rewarded.

  1. Acknowledge your staff

A personal touch always makes content that much more interesting. Post a picture of your female employees, but you do not have to neglect the guys! Use this opportunity to show appreciation to all your staff and let them be seen by your customers. Your brand will come across as a fun and accommodating workplace, and a brand that cares and makes an effort to connect with their staff and audience.

  1. Launch a CSR Campaign in the name of International Women’s Day

In today’s day and age where a small act of kindness or an effort to give back to society is crucial to show that your brand is still rooted in human values, consider running a CSR campaign that is linked to women. It could be donating funds to a charitable organisation that roots for women’s rights, or volunteering with an organisation that is in line with a cause that your brand is compatible with, such as breast cancer awareness or support for single mothers.

We wish all our staff, clients, friends and family a happy International Women’s Day 2020!

‘Twas an ENCE Purple Christmas

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A hearty Christmas feast, free sake and a comedy show by a local ventriloquist coloured the ENCE Purple Christmas in many hues, and it was especially rosy because every guest walked home with a gift in hand – thanks to a dizzying round (or two) of Santa Snatch!

Over 50 of our closest clients, vendors, partners, media friends, colleagues (old and new!) and friends joined us on Christmas Eve for a cozy lunch party held at our office in PLUS Building. Did you know that this is also our first Christmas party at our year-old office? Yet another thing to celebrate! *clinks wine glasses*

In case you missed it, we rounded up some shots of the day to commemorate this special occasion!

Food lovingly prepared and catered for by My NoNNa’s!

Geri (Founder of My NoNNa’s) and two Champions from My NoNNa’s easily fed all of our guests – with a smile and electric saw in hand, of course! Big thanks to My NoNNa’s for the delicious food!

Woodstock Beverages and their various types of sake

Guests were also treated to a sake tasting courtesy of Woodstock Beverages, perfect for the festive season!

Comedy Ventriloquist Joseph Then and his “puppet”

You don’t get to see a professional ventriloquist every day, but guests had the pleasure of enjoying a hilarious segment by local ventriloquist Joseph during the party! Joseph’s friend “Ah Beng” made an appearance (much to the distress of some female guests…). Also, a special appearance by one of our guests who got pulled up (or sabo-ed!).

Santa Snatch to end of the party!

A salad spinner, chocolates and a jazz album…we hope our guests went home happy with their lot!

As our Managing Director, Ms Angela Sim, put it, Christmas is a time of giving thanks, and we appreciate each and every one of you who were part of our journey. To an even greater 2020!

Check out more event photos as well as more event happenings on our Facebook page.

If you’d like to find out more about My NoNNa’s Gift of Giving, Woodstock Beverages or future ENCE events, hit us up!

Cloud Kitchen concept sees the launch of NOSH & GA in Singapore

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As the largest cloud and delivery-only kitchen operator in Hong Kong with over 1,000,000 meals delivered to date, Spoonful Meals is now in Singapore, and it aims to satiate the appetite of consumers with exciting options and convenience. Spoonful meals brings with it different brands featuring different cuisines in a cloud kitchen concept.

Let us share some of the highlights of our F&B client below.

How it got started?

The brainchild behind Spoonful Meals expansion to Singapore is Max von Poelnitz, the founder of NOSH and Spoonful.

Max is a serial entrepreneur and currently the founder of Spoonful and NOSH.   He is passionate about e-commerce, cloud kitchen food delivery, and B2B sales.   Max started his first company at the age of 25 and has since launched 3 businesses.  He is a  Cybersport start-up mentor and a partner in a Canadian venture capital firm.

What makes Spoonful Meals unique?

Unlike brick-and-mortar restaurants that prepares and serves meals at an outlet, Spoonful Meals operates as a virtual restaurant without a physical restaurant space.

All meals are listed on Foodpanda, prepared in a cloud kitchen and and delivered directly to the customer.

This approach to cooking and one-of-a-kind operation model enables Spoonful Meals to meet the demands of consumer’s fast-paced and health-conscious lifestyle, without compromising on food quality and taste.

Media’s first-dibs on experiencing Spoonful Meals

As part of the PR campaign for Spoonful Meals, Affluence PR did a media outreach where the media was invited to try out offerings from NOSH and GA, the two brands currently operating under Spoonful Meals.

Media were provided the full menu and their selected meals were delivered at their preferred date and time. They get to experience first-hand the concept of virtual kitchen, and also to have a taste of the offerings from NOSH and GA.

Aside to the media outreach, we will be rolling more campaigns and activities on behalf of Spoonful Meals.

What options are available?

With all the brands under Spoonful Meals serving different types of cuisine, consumers are spoilt for choice!

They are:

  • NOSH, which offers healthy Californian cuisine such as burrito bowls and salads;
  • GA, which offers Cantonese-styled Chinese cuisine; and
  • Sesami, offering Japanese bento boxes
  • JOMO, offering vegan fast food (coming soon in 2020)

NOSH: | Instagram: @noshmeals

GA: | Instagram:

Happenings – Media Events!

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