As a communications agency, we have found great success thanks to the women we brought on board. Women possess many strengths when it comes to forging long-lasting bonds with teammates and clients, a strength that is absolutely essential for a PR agency.

Women usually have a higher emotional intelligence than men. Not that women are more emotional, but a woman’s awareness and capacity to control and express her emotions and handle relationships usually surpass most of men. The advantages are:

  • Higher team productivity
  • More effective communication
  • Flexibility
  • Increase intuitiveness

Here’s what we notice after building our female-dominated team:

  1. The team was enriched by diversity and gained a multidimensional element

As compared to women, many men have less interest in socialising after work. Most of our female staff, on the other hand, naturally blend into the social aspect of the workplace and enjoy organising get-togethers and are enthusiastic about team-building activities. With their wide range of interests, women bring a much-needed diversity of ideas, activities and topics of conversation to the workplace, adding a touch of vibrancy and dynamism.

  1. The team was better at handling tough situations

Women are calmer and more tolerant, allowing them to hand crisis situations with a gentler touch. In a PR agency where we encounter unexpected, emergency-level situations at times, this quality helps us to navigate tough times together as a team and decide on the next path of action after careful and mindful consideration.

  1. The bottom line was healthier

Among the many advantages of hiring talented women, perhaps the most attractive is the boon to the bottom line. Women are excellent communicators, which bring plenty of benefits internally. This trait also makes for excellent customer relations and PR. As a PR firm, we need all the good communications we can get. And we are proud to say that we have it – thanks to our strong team!

Thank you to our fierce, independent and powerful team members who colour our company with a competitive edge and a drive to succeed!


Did you know that though we are a team mostly staffed with women, most of our clients are actually male! This is a perfect example of women handling power (and doing a fine job at it!)

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we turn the spotlight on some of our female clients who are the main reason why their businesses are where they are today!

Ms Geraldine Tan, Chief Executive and Founder of My NoNNa’s

Ms Tan was inspired to start the café after she saw a man in a wheelchair at a hawker centre serving coffee. After battling a voice in her head for several years, she finally decided to give in after 22 years in the management industry and set up My NoNNa’s in 2015 with a mission to provide meaningful employment to people with special needs. She is a spunky ball of energy that never tires of giving and remains relentless in her pursuit of her ultimate goal – employing 100 people with special needs.

Ms Queenie Yang Rong, Founder of JOYRE TCMedi Spa

An advocate for TCM and beauty wellness, Ms Yang moved to Singapore in 1998 from Sichuan, China, after gaining experience in beauty salons and spas, and setting up her own chain of beauty spas. She realised that many Singaporean ladies faced similar skin issues and wanted to help them to get to the root of the problem with her expertise and knowledge. She envisions that when one is happy, so is the family. Thus, the Chinese name for the business, Jia Le. An inspirational leader and role model at work, she continues to personally oversee operations at the various outlets and serves alongside other therapists and consultants during road shows and events.

Ms Jermaine Teo, Co-Founder and COO of ONLY Group

ONLY Group is founded by Ms Jermaine Teo and her partner, Mr Adren How. When they set up the company in 2015, the term “aesthetics” meant either dermatology or beauty salons – medical aesthetic services were practically unheard of. Upon noticing the void in the industry where many treatments were not available in Singapore, and worst still, that what was available was not effective, they pioneered the local industry to bring in top-quality, results-oriented services, many of which were the first-of-its-kind here. With their spirit of innovation and daring, they have expanded to seven outlets spanning four brands and have a huge following of customers who know and trust the brand.

Ms Quek Xin Er, General Manager, Crimson Education

Ms Quek embodies the quintessential success story of a young woman in Singapore – a go-getter who has come into her own through dedication and hard work. She excelled all-around in Raffles Junior College and was accepted to two universities – Yale University and University of Oxford’s famous PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) programme. Straying away from the safe path of a Public Service Commission Scholarship, she attended Yale University where she was truly free to explore the liberal arts prior to deciding on her major – a freedom she believes was only possible in an unfettered system. Bent on helping young people realise their education aspirations, she is a strong advocate of students having the freedom of choice in the true spirit of education, which is to broaden the mind and one’s horizons rather than being part of a mere paper chase. She is currently General Manager at Crimson Education, a personalised education and career-mentoring company with over 2,300 expert tutors and mentors based at the most prestigious universities around the world.