Affluence Public Relations Goes Green!

By June 14, 2019 No Comments

2019 will go down as a year of saving the planet! There’s no doubt that this year has brought so much more awareness to the environment. It’s only fitting that we are almost halfway through the year and are celebrating World Environment Day! June 5 marks the occasion and in honour of it, we at Affluence Public Relations want to share some tips and tricks on how you can create an eco-friendly impact in the PR world and in your very own office!

  1. Encourage your clients

With our wide network of contacts, we can use this reach to encourage our clients to adopt eco-friendly practices in their companies and products. Word-of-mouth is the way to go!

  1. Be efficient with media kits

Printed media kits are the name of the game in PR, but that doesn’t mean that we indulge in them incessantly! Our press releases are concise and contain information that are useful to the media so that we don’t waste space on unnecessary details. This helps with saving paper and ink! Or go digital: go online to access press releases and information and only print media kits when necessary!

  1. Be aware of energy usage

Laptops, air conditioning, charging phones and lights can really add up when it comes to energy usage. It is important to simply be aware of how much energy you use and continuously take steps to cut down on your consumption. Fun fact: our fridge comes equipped with an alarm sound that rings whenever we open it! We are forced to hurry and reminded to shut the fridge after use.

  1. Going green? Let the public know!

Studies have shown that nowadays, consumers often prefer a company that is making sustainability efforts versus one that is not. If you or your clients are making great strides towards creating an eco-friendly environment, tell the world! The public deserves to know more and will learn from all your efforts.

  1. Adapt

The key to creating a sustainable environment is understanding that humans live in harmony with the earth, and natural resources are not ours to squander. It is vital to be able to adapt and change the way we work to accommodate the needs of the environment. This can range anywhere from cutting back on printing to switching to renewable energy. Being willing, open-minded and not self-interested when it comes to the environment is one way we can make the earth a beautiful place for many more years to come.