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A PR Strategy for Your Business in 2019

By December 21, 2018 No Comments
A PR Strategy for Your Business in 2019, Affluence Public Relations Blog post

What is going on in PR right now? Content marketing with increased emphasis on visual media, paradigm shifts to data visualisation, fragmentation of media, the pressure of content demand to put more focus on ROI…

Or as we like to call it, just another day at the office.

Staying Competitive

With an increasingly specific focus on building and gaining an audience, businesses need to put in place a PR strategy – not just any, but one that is competitive and relevant. Building a brand starts with consistent PR and sustaining a brand starts with competitive PR.

As with all industries such as marketing, traditional design and UX/UI design, it is increasingly all about the customer – that means more digitalisation, more visuals and increased collaboration across all stakeholders to drive home a consistent message. And that message must be purposeful.

Leading with Purpose Adds Value and Relevance to Your Brand

At its heart, PR is story-telling and image-building. To help you determine what sets your brand apart from the rest of the competition is going back to the core of your business and asking yourself how you can use that to leverage your influence as a brand. By steering away from the generic and focusing on a social impact that is important to your brand, customers and media alike will see you as a brand that continually innovates to remain committed to its core purpose.

That is what makes your brand influential and relevant for years to come. And here at Affluence PR, we take pride in helping brands tell their stories authentically, consistently, and purposefully.