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Have you done this ONE PR thing in the first quarter of 2018?

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Marketing plan for 2018, Affluence Public Relations Blog Post
Your marketing plan for 2018 may well be up and running, but it is never too late to stop and do a stock-take on whether it has been successful thus far!
Whether you have been busy with making those targeted pitches or building up your media contact list, these are all undeniably good PR efforts that you would definitely want to continue. Or perhaps you have been trying out the newest things in PR such as working with influencers or establishing thought leadership for your client in the industry (link to previous post about top PR trends for 2018).
As the first quarter of 2018 comes to an end, we think there is no better time for you to have a look back at what you have done and check if you have been doing this ONE thing that will increase your returns on PR investment.
Blurring the line on Paid vs Earned
The traditional method of doing PR crafting pitches and press releases, connecting with journalists and media folks, and hoping for your client’s story to come out in the news is not dead. BUT, it is evolving, and in our opinion, no longer as effective as it used to be in the good old golden days.
Now, to reap the most returns on your PR dollar and efforts, the way to go is truly to mix up your strategy and keep in mind that some form of paid coverage is good, perhaps even crucial, to help your PR efforts flourish.
Advertorials are one way to get paid coverage, and they have been the go-to for many media outlets and PR professionals alike. Journalists now work closely with PR agencies to nail the positioning, messaging and narrative of advertorials.
We often advise our clients on the best PR strategy for their business according to their needs and this includes advice on the proportion and mix of paid vs earned PR efforts their PR campaign should comprise. For some of our long-standing clients, we have in place strategic media buys with very targeted media platforms.