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3 PR Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

By February 13, 2018 No Comments
PR Mistakes You Need To Stop Making, Affluence Public Relations Blog Post

If you think that all you need to do to get PR for your business is to write a press release, send tit out to every single media outlet you can think of, and simply wait for stories about your business to be published in the news – you need to stop and re-think your PR strategy, NOW.

Navigating the world of news publications to get your business out in the news is not quite as straightforward as you may think. Even worse, you may be making these mistakes that would put a dent in your PR efforts without you even realising it!

This is where PR agencies can be of good service. Making sure that your business has an interesting and easily understood story angle, as well as managing the media relationships, is what we PR folks do best.

For starters, here are 3 common PR mistakes you may be making when you start out at handling PR for your own business.

You are confused about your story angle

You may be confident that you know your business inside-out, but that’s not the same as being certain about your story angle for your pitch to the media, and making sure it remains consistent throughout. When a PR agency drafts that press release for your business, you can be sure that we know exactly what the main message of the release is. And if we are sending out multiple pitches on your business’s behalf, we will ensure that we don’t mix up the angles of the different releases that go out.

You are pitching to the wrong people

Mass blasting of your press release or pitch to ALL the media outlets you know of may be a sure-fire way of getting noticed, based on odds. Right? Noticed, yes – but not all attention is good attention! Doing this may annoy journalists because it may come across as impersonal and it seems as though you have not done your homework to find out what the journalist’s area of interest is.

At Affluence PR, we take great pride in helping businesses reach the correct media outlets. We have a whole range of clients and will pitch to the relevant journalists and publications to ensure maximum coverage. For example, we help our F&B clients reach publications, news outlets and blogs specifically catered to food and lifestyle matters; whereas we reach out to interior design and architecture magazines and publications for our design clients.

Your timing is off

One of the simplest things to remember is that when journalists are working on a story, they need information, and they need it quick. They often have multiple deadlines that they are handling at the same time, so if they follow up on your pitch with questions, they expect a fast response. Sitting on their queries while you tend to other matters for your business may end up losing the warm lead and lost PR coverage.

Timing is also crucial because often-time, whether or not you get interest is dependent on other events going on. So you need to be very aware of national events and holidays, and time your pitch to maximise interest. A PR agency would be able to help advise you on the optimal time for your story to be pitched to the media based on their knowledge of the media landscape and schedule.