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Top 3 PR Trends To Watch in 2018

By December 7, 2017 No Comments
Top 3 PR Trends To Watch in 2018, Affluence Public Relations Blog Post

With the sweeping changes taking place in the media industry all around the world, the media – and PR – landscape in 2018 is shaping up to be quite different. Closer to home, the announcement of SPH’s staff changes was one of the biggest news in Singapore this year. 

With this bleaker sentiment tinting your perspective of the new year, we would not blame you if you were nervous about navigating this shifting media and PR landscape alone. That’s where PR specialists (like us!) come in, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

In the meanwhile, we’ve rounded up the biggest trends experts expect will lead the PR world in 2018. Read on to prepare yourself for what’s coming! 


Businesses have always recognised the importance of thought-leadership in a media landscape where everyone wants an expert’s opinion. The media knows this too, and do keep a look-out for knowledgeable and dependable thought-leaders, to provide authenticity to their articles. 

Thought-leaders have traditionally been cherry-picked from the C-suite. But in 2018, this is set to change. Thought-leaders can come from anywhere in a business, and the media loves a personable and earnest expert, even if he/she is not the top dog in your business.

Earned vs Paid 

While the line between earned and paid content in the press used to be rather clear, it is now blurring with the rising popularity of advertorials as an accepted norm in PR. There are many reasons for this. With staff cuts in media outlets all over the world, journalists are becoming increasingly strapped for time to produce quality content at the same quantity as before. Media outlets are happy to take on advertorials because it is a legitimate revenue source for their business. 

In the past, PR steered clear of advertorials, striving for 100% earned coverage to justify their worth. Now, PR folk are increasingly being consulted by their editorial counterparts as they craft the campaign together, resulting in high quality content for readers – a truly win-win situation for everyone. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has become increasingly important with each year, and next year will mark the year that influencer marketing makes a crossover to PR as well.  

Many influencers currently don’t have a long-standing relationship with the brand they work with, often just posting once or twice on their social media feeds, and then quickly moving on. In 2018, PR folks will increasingly work with influencers to develop more genuine, long-term relationships with the brands. 

PR folks will also work closely with influencers to generate PR-worthy content that is not paid – going back to the tenets of earned coverage by its inherent newsworthiness (and in the case of influencers, its shareability!)