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What We All Can Learn About the PR Disasters of 2016

By November 25, 2016 No Comments
What We All Can Learn About the PR Disasters of 2016, Affluence Public Relations Blog Post

People say that experience is always the best teacher. True, you would need the correct theories and ideologies to make sure you do what society accepts as the right thing. But of course, you only get to really appreciate something when you have been through it—and, most of the time, when you have done it wrong. This is why along with the famous belief that experience teaches a lot, there is actually more to be said about how mistakes would educate you even better.

Now, this is a notion shared in every facet of society and even in the business industry. Companies would almost always just stick with their business decisions until they go wrong—then, they attempt to change tactics. This is more common in industries without clear-cut policies and work processes like Public Relations. Presumably, this is because these industries deal mostly with the intangibles like reputation and image as well as with subjective reactions from the public.

If we look closely at the biggest PR disasters of only this year, we would definitely learn more. One such disaster is, of course, the atrocious campaign that has surrounded the Rio Olympics. Brazil, the host country, seemed to never have borne such a weight. People saw negative after negative everywhere. There were news reports on TV about the economic issues Brazil was facing as a country. Viewers clamoured for the government not to put too much effort on the Olympics and focus on its people instead. By the time the government and the Olympic organizers got to work on it, social media had stepped in and made matters worse.

In this particular situation, the very lesson is to act immediately and appropriately. Surely, if the organizers only had coordinated with the Brazilian government when so much as the first photo was released, the whole fiasco would not have escalated so much. Many PR experts would agree that the best way to defeat an upcoming disaster is to recognize its signs and extinguishing the whole idea altogether.

One way to make sure you can act immediately and appropriately when PR nightmares strike is to particularly prepare for it beforehand. Having a reputation management plan ready and on standy by can help you handle these situations than having none and just acting out on impulse. We, at Affluence PR,offer these establishments a comprehensive end-to-end solution, and a range of complete and integrated public relations services, including reputation crisis management. This way, your brand can have the best possible reputation and public awareness in its industry.

There are many companies that would not be keen to acting on a small negative publication immediately. They have the habit of thinking that their comment or action would only serve to fan the fire. But what they fail to realize is that time is of the essence when you are trying to maintain a good reputation. This is especially true these days that the social media has made every spectator a reporter. One negative tweet or post could easily blow up into the worst PR state of any brand. This would be passed on from one online user to another until practically the whole world knows. This is not to mention that whatever reaction a reader would have can never be guaranteed as supported by facts.

Another PR disaster the year has seen is the big blow-up between Apple and the US FBI, which happened when the former consistently refused to relax its custom security measures to allow the latter access to the phone of a mass shooting suspect. Of course, this has involved legal discussions when Apple called on the provisions in their “right to speech”. This has also launched several debates even among Apple users themselves.

Overall, PR experts call on Apple’s move as smart because not only did it try to deflect something that would have a huge impact on their business but it has also gained more support from the brand’s clients. If a PR lesson is to be gleaned from this, it is that companies must always work to choose strategies that benefit both the business and the brand reputation.

When Apple said no to the FBI, people read it as an attempt to protect its users from the prying eyes of the government. This is a champion move: going against something very important to ensure that your clients are secure in their use of your brand and product. Most companies do not usually go through such. They give more importance to how they would not have run-ins with the law. They make business decisions and changes in their services based on what the government dictates. Then, they just force the changes to their consumers. Actually, this is what customers usually switch to other brands for.

There are several more mistakes that companies commit even against the most basic PR rules. This is inevitable because mistakes are part of every decision. What is important is that when a mishap occurs, there is quick action to rectify the error and then there is a conscious effort to study what went wrong so it would not happen again. After all, the key to every long-lasting business is resilience. There is always going to be challenges but the best businesses are those that overcome these and rise from their own ashes.

Talk to us today. Let’s have a chat about how you can have the best all-in-one reputation management plan. At Affluence PR, we are ready to collaborate and are always excited to share our knowledge as well as learn from our clients.