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Enhancing Your Reputation by Following the Most Basic PR Rules of the Trade

By November 7, 2016 No Comments
Enhancing Your Reputation by Following the Most Basic PR Rules of the Trade , Affluence Public Relations Blog Post

Over the years, the rules of Public Relations have evolved and been through some changes. As a result business owners, have been doing all they can to keep up with the changes. They alter strategies, add functions, and sometimes change parts of their business models to make sure they can keep in line with PR trends.

However, business owners would do well to remember and follow the basic rules of Public Relations. One can never go wrong with the basics. It is when businesses get busy chasing trends, that they forget the very foundation of the idea itself. When you keep the basic rules in mind, you are less likely to have to manage any reputation management disaster.

This is where an established and reputable public relations company like Affluence PR can help you.Affluence PR is an expert in public relations for retail and hospitality establishments in Asia. The team is committed to providing quality and insightful PR counsel on strategies on how best to create awareness and appropriate messaging; creating opportunities with the media. Affluence PR, offers these establishments a comprehensive end-to-end solution, and a range of complete and integrated public relations services, including reputation crisis management. This way, your brand can have the best possible reputation and public awareness in its industry.

Here are the five cardinal and most basic rules of PR you need to remember and keep on practising:

Identify your audience

Research, research, and more research – we can’t say it enough! Always, decide on your initial target audience. Understand how and why you are targeting your immediate market. Who are you talking to? Who would you want buying your products? Who would you want the public to buy your products for? The big “Who” is a difficult question to answer, however basic it may seem. So you have to make sure you have identified well the market segments you would cater to. On top of everything else, it would help you determine your product offering and your basic market strategy.


Be a brand that cares and make it more than a tagline for you. You need to show your audience that you actually care about what they think of you. Let them see your sincerity and make sure they know that you know what they feel. Communicating from a brand’s perspective straight to a potential buyer can be bland—you just get the facts out. But when you send out a message with as much emotional investment, your audience would feel it. This will be one sure way to gain their trust and loyalty. You can use this to further your relationship with them and to enlist their support during tough times.

Keep things straight and simple.

Be upfront and deliver your facts in the most sincere and straightforward manner possible. Some would say that doing so runs the risk of being seen as tactless and heartless. But in the most profound of ways, keeping things simple and delivering messages straight on has the most potential of being understood well. Your audience will not doubt your credibility or sincerity for that matter. They will gain the perspective that you know your responsibility as a business owner and will keep your customers informed regardless of favourable news or not. When your public banks on your credibility, it is easier to have them on your side even in challenging times or when others discredit the business.  

Be consistent.

To be a credible business, there needs to be consistency. When a business keeps changing its messages and/or its direction, customers lose faith or worse lose trust. While they might still buy into your products and services, because you are not consistent, they are also on the lookout for the next new trend, fad or product that might replace your offerings. This will hurt your credibility and naturally your business and profits. You always have to be consistent in what you show the public—it goes a long way for the reputation you are trying to build.

Invest on online presence.

Having an online presence is definitely an advantage in these digital times. It has great rewards as going digital is a big game-changer. Find time to create accounts in the most widely acknowledged platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Of course, when you have established your presence, you need to make sure that these platforms are managed well. Again your messaging and brand values need to be consistent across all your marketing channels online and offline. This is part of reaching out to your audience, being consistent with your messages, and building credibility. Invest the time to look at popular channels on the internet, keep a blog if you can, and be accessible.

At the end of the day, you can be the best business owner and have the most efficient brand in terms of sales. But what you need is strong PR. When you have good PR, you can bank on it during good times. You also count on it to get you through tough times. Invest in your reputation. Kill the negatives by keeping with the basics. Remember that there is so much potential in a brand that has a foundation so solid it can outlast its competitors and still be a household name for many years to come.

Talk to us today and let our team at Affluence PR, your one-stop PR agency in Singapore, help you with your current and succeeding online and offline PR campaigns. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on servicing your clients and building your profits for your business.