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How Public Relations Can Help Your Business In the Digital Age

By September 5, 2016 No Comments
How Public Relations Can Help Your Business In the Digital Age, Affluence Public Relations

Public relations or PR, as a communication strategy, is fundamentally geared towards gaining a positive image for a particular brand, company, or even an individual. Over the years, PR channels have expanded and have become more sophisticated. In the past, media platforms were just television, radio, and print. The aim was only to make the brand known to as many people nationwide—or worldwide—as possible. Therefore, many companies budget on those channels that would reach a wider audience.

This may be because the belief is that the more people who know about your brand, the higher your chances are of selling your product or service. The war between companies and brands is always about who is known more in even the most remote of places. Advertisements are big and wide—in magazines, newspapers, and billboards.

Today, due to the Internet, more channels are discovered to reach an even wider audience. The reach of online media is far greater than TV. Digital PR has become more popular amongst companies and brand owners. What used to be press releases are now transformed into blogs, in-blog reviews and infographics. The objective is to reach the reading and buying public through bloggers and people with great influence over the web. Also, customer feedback are received better since they have become real-time such that they can immediately post comments and questions in a particular blog post or through social media.

Given that digital PR may be taxing to utilise, many brand owners wonder how they can benefit from it. Well, here are a few things you can gain from using digital PR:


Wider exposure for the product and brand

Well, the Internet has been proven time and again to reach a wider audience than television and radio. With the advances in the digital industry, there are many people who never go offline anymore. They communicate, get updated with current events, and even watch movies online. It is therefore not difficult to expect them to check-out online shops—which is extremely beneficial for any brand.

Easier identification and monitoring of results

With digital PR, it is easy to see the results of any messaging strategy, promo, or advertisement. For example, if you put up a blog post or a vlog (video blog) on your site, you would immediately know how your prospective clients see this. They can easily comment on the post, like the vlog, and share it with their own network. You can benefit from this in that you get to edit right away. If people comment negatively, you can post an amendment in just mere seconds. If they comment positively, then you know you can keep on doing the same thing.

With a dedicated public relations agency in Singapore like Affluence PR, you can be sure that the implementation of your digital PR strategies as well as its success monitoring is always taken care off. At Affluence PR, we give our clients a comprehensive end-to-end solution, and a range of complete and integrated public relations services that will help your business be up to date with the latest digital PR trends to reach your customers effectively and efficiently.

Additional credibility of the brand

Going digital actually, has its pros and cons in terms of credibility. Sure, there are still those who fear hackers and scammers because—in truth—they do not see who they are dealing with. In general, a lot of people consider brands that they also see online. This tells them that the brand is working on being closer to the public. More exposure then means that the brand has nothing to hide. The Internet is very transparent after all: one cannot keep itself from being exposed once it goes online.

Conversion of the viewing public into buying customers

There is one reason online shopping is a hit: convenience. People like convenience. They like getting things quicker.  This is one major advantage of digital PR. They see your brand, they think you are convenient and, therefore, are easy to reach. Even simple online newsletters would project convenience in that if you have promos or new items, the viewing public would know that they can get first dibs on these. This is why digital PR has been known to translate website hits into actual sales in a way that TV or print ads cannot.

Better crisis management

Being online would help you improve your crisis management because you are easily notified of any concerns your clients might raise against you and your brand. When you know that you’ve gotten feedback,  you can immediately address the incident and do damage control. Sometimes, taking too long to respond to a complaint only aggravates the situation so being online and readily available to provide resolutions is a good thing.

So, what if you are not yet perfectly adept at doing digital PR? There is no need to worry. You can very well hire a PR agency and they can set this up. The agency can:

  1.    Identify your target market and how they can be tapped;
  2.    Provide the best PR solutions, custom-fit for your needs; and
  3.    Help you monitor and keep positive results.

There you have it. Go digital now and let PR work its wonders! Talk to us today and let our team at Affluence PR, your one-stop public relations agency in Singapore, help you with your current and succeeding online and offline PR campaigns. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on servicing your clients and building your profits for your business.