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Learn How to Generate $100k Worth of Media Coverage For Your Business!

By July 25, 2016 No Comments
Both large and small businesses often spend big bucks on marketing hoping they get the success they’ve long been chasing, but often, on all the wrong places. All too familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to be.
For over 8 years now, Affluence PR, the Public Relations agency Singapore arm of ENCE Marketing Group, has been helping businesses generate multiple awareness for their products. And through the years of extending our help to our clients, we have developed a 16-step process to help businesses get the awareness they crave at a fraction of the cost.
Join us now in a series of short courses as we share to you exactly how we help these brands succeed and thrive. For more info, please click on the links below:
Lessons will be conducted from 10am – 1pm. Refreshments will be provided. Sign up by clicking on the courses you are interested above. See you all there!